2020 - A hot mess

22nd January 2021
Last updated:26th June 2024
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2022 was a whirlwind of changes, a total hot mess if you ask me. I had high hopes for it to be better than 2020, but boy was I wrong. So much went down that it’s hard to keep track of it all.

Changes Abound

Let me tell you, the past year was a rollercoaster ride: • WFH became the new norm (just like everyone else) ▪ Struggled with not taking enough breaks ▪ Failed miserably at unplugging on days off • My workout routine went kaput and is still in shambles • Neglected professional training big time • Rode the pandemic emotional rollercoaster from hope to despair • Binge-watched way too much TV • Totally ghosted my blog for a while • Slacked on podcasts and audiobooks post-commute disappearance • Lost a dear friend out of the blue

Most of this chaos stemmed from adjusting to the new normal. I dropped the ball on training, let work projects gobble up my time, and failed to stick to an exercise schedule or take proper breaks during the day. And don’t even get me started on the TV couch-potato trap – hours vanished like magic.

Then there were the things I simply missed out on. I was stoked to join Pass Pro in September, only to hear the news in December that Pass was shutting down. By early October, I was so fed up with the news and social media negativity that I turned a blind eye, peeking out every now and then like a curious groundhog.

Some Tougher Changes

Losing my best friend to pneumonia and blood clots hit me hard in 2020. Our last conversation ended in an argument, and before we could patch things up, he was gone. So not only do I mourn his loss, but I also carry the weight of that final disagreement.

And let’s not forget the election drama. I steer clear of political sides and focus on the issues, but it seems unity is a dwindling concept these days.

Keeping the Hope Alive

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, though. I managed to migrate the blog to AWS, a challenging but enlightening experience. At work, I finally convinced the higher-ups to invest in SQLSentry, opening doors for plenty of learning opportunities. I’m eyeing a shift to Windows Core for our SQL Server implementations and aiming to implement an IaC approach to SQL Server deployments. Encrypting connections to SQL Servers is also on my radar, along with leveling up my AWS game.

With the blog safely on AWS turf, I’m gearing up to optimize it and ensure everything runs like clockwork. Here’s to hoping 2021 switches gears from being the ongoing dumpster fire that was 2020 to something more upbeat. 🍺 Cheers to better days ahead!

Article title:2020 - A hot mess
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Release time:22nd January 2021